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Orion is a proven partner for strategic technology and business process consulting for leading organizations to help them to manage costs, mitigate risks and accelerate business growth

Most businesses now realize the importance of partnership between IT and business. Our business process services help you to focus on your core competencies, be competitive and keep up with the fast changing technology-enabled world.Leading organizations use our customized business process and technology optimization services to save costs, be operationally efficient and drive growth.

BPTO Services

Orion’s BPTO services include a three-pronged strategy to deliver better business outcomes

Accelerate Business Growth

  • Reduce time-to-market of your products and services
  • Increase collaboration and communication between your employees, partners, vendors and customers
  • Drive customer, market and product intelligence through data analytics
  • Increase R&D productivity and efficiency

Lower Operational Costs

  • Efficiently manage business operations
  • Increase automation and integration of business processes

Mitigate Business Risks

  • Improve your regulatory compliance through effective quality optimization
  • Reduce your data security issues

For over two decades, we have assisted enterprises optimize their IT investments through standardization, automation and integration. Our broad industry experience and a focus on efficient operations bring unique and substantial value to every client engagement by combining our global resources with our strong commitment to deliver operational excellence. Our ITaaS (IT as a Service) model helps organizations maximize business value from their IT function.

We use a deliberate, comprehensive methodology that supports data-driven decision-making with an emphasis on statistical analysis. Orion’s team of analysts understands multiple technologies & business processes and has a tremendous organizational commitment toward data-driven decision making. Our specialized focus on data mining, statistical and quantitative analysis, A/B testing, predictive modeling and analytics allow us to provide suggestions for technology solutions that improve service levels, reduce costs, streamline processes and improve overall efficiencies. These results serve as the foundational components of our recommendations regarding how your current business processes and technology could be optimized by the development, integration and implementation of new business processes and technologies

Our BPTO services will:

  • Isolate and prioritize your IT spend, based on organizational requirements
  • Evaluate both, quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Measure IT effectiveness and efficiency from a business perspective
  • Leverage industry experience
  • Provide a solid foundation for the decision process
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement
  • Automate key processes across IT strategy, applications and operations
BPO Model

Alignment and

The first phase of our assessment will serve to establish a set of common objectives and a mutual understanding of the organization’s 'as is' state. We align the teams to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the assessment objectives and solidify the goals for the 'future' state. Beginning with a common vision certifies participation and effective use of the team’s time.

Discovery and

The second phase of our assessment involves a deep dive that includes interaction with key people in the organization so we can better understand the processes and technological tools that are part of the 'as is' state. These interactions serve as an essential part of the review process to better increase our understanding of how things function and where/how technology enhancements could increase efficiencies.

Analysis and Recommendations

By incorporating the knowledge developed from the prior two phases, our team will identify appropriate opportunities for an optimized 'future state.' These opportunities may range from simple, straightforward business process modifications or significant technology focused system enhancements, to establishing governance structures and perhaps even system replacements.

Overall, the results of our optimization assessment will allow for a thorough understanding of your current state so you can take informed action to improve efficacy, decrease costs and increase revenue.

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