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Connectivity, Collaboration and constant Communication have become imperative for organizations and consumers alike. Mobility has proved to be one of the most disruptive technologies in the past decade. Mobile devices have evolved from just providing emails and data to becoming business enablers and have transformed the way companies conduct business. Mobile is rewriting the definitions of user experience with real time availability. However, companies do face challenges while making the move to mobile space and exploit all opportunities offered by mobile devices and applications. The opportunities and hence the new business processes are centered on mobility involving cloud & analytics as emerging technologies, context-driven, location-aware data for intelligence and reporting. At the same time, enterprises of all sizes are facing challenges due to fast blurring lines between personal and business mobility with ever mounting challenges of security, privacy, performance, availability and user experience.

Orion has been in the forefront of mobility to address these opportunities & challenges and we have been working on solving your most pressing issues of getting on to the mobile space and being productive.

We ensure that you get what you want!

Orion’s Mobility Offerings

For starters, we work on most of the leading mobile platforms such as Android™, iOS®, Blackberry® and Windows Mobile®. Our custom mobile applications add considerable value to any organization by enhancing productivity and streamlining processes. Our cross-platform mobile application development capabilities create powerful and intuitive solutions that address business needs on all levels. We provide mobility solutions across all major industry segments and verticals.

Orion’s 'mSolutions framework' and processes deliver a true engine for rapid action implementation of business applications on hand-held devices as well as other platforms (web/desktop). We deliver unified cross-platform technology solutions for the entire Enterprise. Our mobility solutions and services include:

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Orion's Business Value

We ensure you get what you require to achieve your mobility goals

Mobility Platform

Enterprise mobility platform that integrates seamlessly into the existing enterprise applications/technology stack

Time Reduction

Reduced development time for functionality, including messaging (alerts and notifications), form based transactions and business intelligence & reporting

SLA Support

Guaranteed SLA for support (and upgrades) on a range of devices including iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5 devices

24/7 Availability

Teams placed strategically in different time zones offer 24/7 availability

Extensible Framework

Extensible framework for newer platform requirements and ready access to platform engineers

Our Experience

Our experience with integration and solution platforms

Orion Productivity Benefits

We will help you manage an ‘always on’ environment in this fast paced mobile ecosystem. We will conceptualize and implement the right strategies, solutions and infrastructure targeted at mobile devices primarily with:

Custom Native

Design consumer-centric solutions by extending integration with Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Custom Built

Provide innovative solutions to enhance the effectiveness of existing business processes including internal workflows and customer service


Drive mobile analytics to provide real-time reporting and intelligence benefits

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