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Digital technology is transforming education. However, when it comes to examinations, most educators still use pen and paper to them. With a traditional testing and scoring system, the error prone process gets even more cumbersome and challenging where teachers spend a majority of their time in scoring answer sheets manually, adding points in the answer sheets and feeding the scores into the school learning system. This leads to undue delay in results announcement, computational errors and less instruction time for teachers.

Orion provides a digital scores capturing solution using a third party patented digital pen paired with a typical iPAD or Android tablet device to accurately digitize handwritten characters instantaneously. The solution enables teachers to automatically populate scores on the school portal and complete the grading process swiftly and with 100% accuracy.

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How the solution works

The OLICR solution utilize traditional pen and paper method of capturing data which involves no learning curve for the users. The OLICR technology digitizes handwritten data with 100% accuracy and speeds up the consolidation process significantly if compared to other technologies. The solution eliminates manual data entry and minimizes the possibility of human error. The solution requires no major investment and saves valuable time & cost by eliminating the need for scanning as well. All it takes to digitize handwritten scores are just 2 easy steps.

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Use the specially designed Digital Pen** to transcribe the assessment scores

The handwritten scores are instantly digitized on the tablet app. Review and confirm for it to be auto-submitted to the school portal
** OLICR uses a third-party patented digital pen.


An intuitive solution that requires no learning curve

Instant & accurate capture of handwritten scores

Totaling, score validation and rubrics application done on the fly

Integrates easily with a variety of school portals

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