The Orion Difference
It goes beyond projects. It's about building lasting partnerships for a successful goal.

Not all IT service providers are created equal and nor do they deliver comparable business value. Orion believes in a partnership driven model that helps you grow and achieve your goals. Our success is defined by your success. Orion’s core values contribute significantly to our culture of “achieving excellence in everything we do” from our hiring process to our daily work, to our interactions with our customers, colleagues and our partners.

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Orion has a global footprint of seamless delivery - 24x7x365

The benefits of our global delivery model include:

  • Appraised at CMMI Level 3: Our processes are well characterized and understood, and are described in standards, procedures, tools, and methods.
  • Global Talent Pool: Access to the best talent, worldwide, though our proprietary IT Talent Management services
  • Risk Mitigation: Globally spread development to have on-shore, off-shore and nearshore or a combination of these, to ensure effective delivery management process and business continuity
  • Cultural Flexibility: Resources that speak your language and follow your business culture
  • Strategic Innovation-focused investments: Our investments in automation and IP-led frameworks and solutions based on Cloud, Mobility and Analytics ensure our clients get the best business outcomes from our partnership
  • Collaborative Management: Our state-of-the-art collaboration tools based on Microsoft technologies and our own custom tools ensures real-time knowledge management and shared tasks globally
  • Efficient Portfolio Management: To ensure de-risking of your global portfolio needs across geographical locations
  • Robust Security Framework: Multi-tiered security protocols to ensure protection of client data, both - physically and virtually

A proprietary Orion delivery methodology, O’gile, is a well-thought-out blend of processes and practices that have crystallized from more than 20 years of corporate project experience and collective wisdom, as well as careful examination of successes from various other methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile (SCRUM) and Microsoft solutions framework (MSF). This unique custom-built framework, a combination of efficiency tools and the Customized Agile Methodology, provides an edge over others in delivering value to our customers.

Orion’s Customer Focused Delivery Model

  • O’gile model - Composite blend of agile, waterfall and MSF along with team’s collective experience and wisdom
  • Global Delivery Manual (GDM) - Proprietary recipes for delivering solutions
  • Quality in gathering requirements and understanding the need
  • Simplicity through granularity by using Orion’s Program Management tool (OPM)
  • Unique simulation/automation using Orion’s proprietary QMS tools

Orion’s delivery model is based on three pillars :


O’gile is an unparalleled customer-centric delivery process and offers unique advantages matched by very few in the industry. With O’gile you get:

  • Transparency: We share everything we have for your queries on engagement, projects, tasks, resources or costs. It doesn’t get any more transparent than this
  • Accountability: We don't 'pass-the-baton'. We engage to ensure complete accountability and responsibility to work with you as a strategic partner ensuring your goals are met. We follow a comprehensive governance model with a defined responsibility-assignment matrix
  • Real-Time Visibility: A ‘no-surprise’ culture, we always showcase initial test runs with clients so you are aware of your requirements being satisfied at each stage of our engagement. The nature of the processes used in O’gile is such that it gives the client an opportunity to evaluate a module before it is passed along. Clients have complete freedom to redefine their requirements based on the test runs at the very beginning of the engagements. This goes a long way to build trust and lasting partnerships
  • Collaboration: With state-of-the-art collaborative tools and technologies and a customer-centric culture, we ensure extremely high degree of collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization. Again, the small size of the teams used in the delivery model encourages faster communication and reduces bottlenecks
  • Innovation: We go beyond the typical linear resource requirements and bring in automation and advanced approaches to deliver better business outcomes. We leverage our capabilities in cloud, analytics, mobility and enterprise solutions to provide you with best available solutions within your plans
  • Unique Delivery process: We go above and beyond typical process, where we customize the model around your business process. Our hard work is reflected in the unique process flow that governs the delivery

Our People & Culture

  • Firm wide culture of commitment with a ‘whatever it takes to get it done’ attitude
  • Orion Family: Self organized Teams (independent, self-governing, self-sufficient teams that replicate a human cell)
  • Out-of-the-box thinking to create solutions
  • Focused on Innovation
    • ORTIA(Orion’s Research, Technology Innovation and Agility), a program that builds superior talent
    • Agile in technology implementation and innovation with well trained experts
    • Mandated continuous learning for all employees led by Orion Gurukool, a training division
    • Strong alliances with Microsoft, Qlik™, Alteryx ™ and HP
  • Strive constantly to achieve strong ROI for the customer
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