Deliver Better Education Outcomes

Redefine your institutional processes, governance and productivity with our proprietary out-of-the-box custom technology solutions

The education industry is rapidly changing the way it’s using technology. With improved interoperability, accessibility and delivery of information services, the industry is embracing the inevitable transition to a digital future.

Orion Education Solutions assist education institutions to redefine the governance, business processes and students’ learning experience to move beyond the confines of traditional operating models.

ORION'S Business Value

We ensure you get what you require to achieve your institutional goals. With our focused approach and modular solutions, we deliver real value to your operations by reducing the time you invest in non-productive processes imposed by legacy school technologies and contain associated costs. Our solutions have the potential to completely eliminate all paper transactions and bridge the unfilled gaps existing due to lack of alternatives to human dependency. By shifting your focus from operational and administrative issues to your institutional goals, we enable you to effectively respond to digital disruption and evolving student expectations.

Success Stories

Cloud Integration
Orion Provides Total Cloud Integration
Solution for India’s Leading
Education Board
Mobile Solution
Orion’s Mobile Solution Increases
Student Productivity with
On-The-Go Access
Empowers Students
Orion’s mobile solution empowers
University Students with
“Real Time” Information
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