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With ever increasing connectivity, communications and collaboration across departments, geographies and customer groups, testing and quality assurance have become more important, than ever before.

Orion’s quality assurance & testing services are designed to give best-in-class experience to our clients. Blended into our standard delivery processes of onsite management with offsite delivery, our teams are able to intermingle with existing software teams and yet stand apart with the quality of our processes and deliverables. Our QA processes span all relevant areas of focus in typical software environment. Our testing services are backed by our vast experience and expertise of over 20 years and offer a comprehensive suite of software testing that spans consulting, functional, test automation, performance and specialized testing.

Orion’s QA & Testing Services

Unit, Integration and Regression Testing

This includes testing applications as a complete unit for modification in any unit/modules or functionality. The most effective software engagements have always been the ones that engage the QA teams from the onset of the development process. This ensures that our teams are fully engaged during the development process and are able to effectively deliver the de-facto standard processes of unit testing, module and integration testing as well as regression testing on the entire environment

Production Environment Monitoring & Maintenance

Orion’s engagements with our customers do not always end with the delivery of a software product or project. Our teams have been engaged on a consistent basis to also monitor, manage and support the production environments in being able to test functional or feature enhancements, operating system or hardware changes and in general – data changes based on specific user scenarios.

As a general rule (and best practice), all new releases of the software are tested against the relevant production data in a staging environment to ensure the integrity of the environment.

Functional Testing

Our pool of business analysts are at the ready to be engaged in all our QA projects to decipher the client’s business objectives and direct the testing teams to the relevant areas of functionality

System Testing

All systems are tested as per requirements and a comprehensive run ensures all quality criteria are ticked off.

End-to-End Testing

On the same lines as system testing, a complete application environment is tested to emulate real world usage.

Integration Testing

Integrated modules from different applications are tested to verify integrity and smooth functioning.

Compatibility Testing

Applications are tested in various setups of hardware/software/operating systems and network environments in different combinations

Security Testing

Thorough applications and systems security testing to ensure removal of unjustified objects and protection against unauthorized internal or external access

Software QA Test Labs

With the current technology landscape and the pace of innovation in hardware devices and software platforms, our teams are equipped with a ‘fully loaded’ software test lab that comprised of a variety of hardware devices from desktops, laptops, tablets to smart phones along with a variety of operating systems from Windows to iOS. This lab is used extensively by our teams to simulate various user scenarios as well as a simulation of a production environment. These hardware devices combined with our virtualization services offer our clients an unparalleled level of software testing capabilities.

Our test lab can be customized and extended for your specific needs so as to ensure integrity of the testing process and reliability of the results.

Tools & Technologies

Our teams have, over the years, gained experience in delivering Software QA engagements, built for themselves a substantial knowledge base and expertise across a wide range of tools and technologies for software testing. With a diligent ‘test driven development’ process, our teams use some or all of the following tools:

Testing Tools

  • Visual Studio Ultimate
  • HP Performance Center
  • Quick Test Professional
  • Selenium

Reporting & Management

  • Remedy
  • Jira
  • SharePoint
  • Yammer
  • BugZilla
  • Custom

Target Platforms

  • Cloud Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Windows Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Services & API
  • Integration Processes
  • Business Process Workflows

Orion’s QA and Testing Business Value & Benefits


Speedier time-to-market for your applications


Reduction in testing related costs through automation


Improved efficiencies through reusable assets


A centralized quality assurance organization with dedicated leadership and thoroughly defined escalation routes


Use of proprietary automation and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure world class quality outcome


Dedicated test labs for extensive simulations and testing

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