Drive operational excellence

Enabling financial players to become agile and customer-centric through digital and business process automation solutions

Today, financial services companies—big and small—are facing numerous challenges due to the rising costs of meeting regulatory requirements, keeping customer data secure and managing a profitable operation. However, these same challenges offer opportunities to constantly improve operations and business processes.

At Orion, we enable financial players to become agile by modernizing their technology infrastructure through our services and help automate business processes for increased efficiency. Orion IT services helps financial players:


  • Improve business processes and systems
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Mitigate risks and reduce ownership costs
  • Drive margin growth

Orion’s Banking and Financial Services Offerings

Orion’s focus in financial services is to invest in technologies that help our customers realize a distinct business advantage. Orion provides a unique combination of technology consulting, application development and custom solutions across business functions to financial institutions. Orion’s services include: