Live Ink Character Recognition, LICR – An Alternative to OSM – PART II

Apr 7, 2017

In my previous article on On-Screen Marking, I was going through some of the disadvantages that OSM is having with respect to Indian scenario and why we are not yet ready for that solution. In this context let me introduce you all to Live Ink character Recognition, which is an Orion Proprietary solution and an alternative to On-Screen Marking.

The beauty of LICR is that it is moored in the most ancient though most modern. What does that meant is, it does not force the evaluators of answer sheets to learn something new. It makes them stick to their traditional way of evaluating the answer sheets. That is using a pen and paper. But here instead of using their own pen, Orion provides a “magic pen” for the evaluators which automatically scans the answer sheets.

The entire evaluation process becomes a three step process, which are:

  1. Using LICR Pen to transcribe the marks to the Top sheet of the answer booklet.
  2. Confirm the Live digitization using a tab which is paired with the pen.
  3. The Rubrics are applied based on the question paper on the fly and final submission to the cloud.

Such simplified process completely eliminates the need for scanning of entire answer scripts which is not only costly but laborious. The evaluators does not learn anything new which is complex here. They stick on to their traditional way of evaluation and at the same time provides a channel for instant digitization of marks.

Moreover the Candidates are not forced write sequentially or say in a specific space in the answer sheets, instead, they are free to follow their own standard way of writing without any restrictions specifically imposed on them unlike OSM. The system also helps to achieve 100% student masking. Once the marks are evaluated, not only the rubrics are automatically taken care, the top sheet is fully scanned with the evaluator’s handwriting and kept in the centralized server. Even the audit trails are provided to track the updates in evaluation. There is no need for Generators and Power back up’s and thus cost is saved in those aspects as well. The Tab and Pen work on blue tooth technology and by using a SIM.

Orion did a pilot implementation of LICR in a live environment in Kolkata and what we could see is that on an average each evaluator spends less than a minute for the final submission of marks to the server. This means at the end of the evaluation period, the board or university is ready to publish the results within a few a days. This enables or empowers the university or Board with a great value add, that is publishing results in time using LICR with 100% accuracy!

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