Around the world, economies are cautiously reopening. Businesses are keeping one eye firmly on the here and now but also tentatively looking ahead to what’s shaping up as a great reset. Enterprises are readying themselves to return to business and productivity.  But with the guidelines still evolving, different rules for different locations, and a vaccine possibly in sight, the “New Normal” is a new phrase in our vocabulary that is still largely undefined, with many moving parts and unknowns.

Reimagining the workforce is a top priority. Executives everywhere are wondering how to bring people back to the workplace and how they will do their jobs. The task of effectively managing office reopening, while keeping employees safe and staying compliant, is a mammoth one, fraught with risk and fear and top of mind of every CEO.

At the same time, the executive team is challenged with creating a sense of belonging, common purpose, and shared identity when some people work in their homes and some in offices and factories. According to McKinsey’s new global survey of sentiment among households’ financial decision makers, households are reporting lower income, savings, and spending. In most countries, 20 to 60 percent of these decision makers say they fear for their own jobs. Roughly half have no more than four months of savings. This also becomes a critical factor in offices reopening and creating a safe work atmosphere in the New Normal.

With the D-Day of offices opening getting nearer, leaders have the opportunity to seize the moment to support their employees. In these times, it is incumbent on them to build on the trust their efforts have engendered and continue to engage employees with clear, reassuring and inspiring communication.

Bringing back employees to the office will require a whole new level of management, unprecedented in our times.  It will not be “business as usual”, possibly not for a long time.  In this process, some of the common challenges companies are facing are:

  • Defining the phases for safely reopening workplaces
  • Preventing risk of contagion and managing flow of traffic within the office space
  • Being prepared for health audits
  • Leveraging analytics to continuously adjust as the situation changes
  • Effectively communicating with employees while gathering feedback and ideas
  • Response if employees who’ve been in the office report they have contracted the coronavirus

Enterprises have shifted their focus towards remote working, collaboration platforms, and access security for employees. While the degree of impact has been different for various organizations, mid-sized and smaller organizations have been impacted more, and are in dire need of solutions that speed up the return to the workplace.

We’re helping our clients navigate this challenging environment to resume business and reclaim productivity, supporting organizations and executive management teams with their “Return to Work” initiative. We’ve developed a business platform that helps businesses quickly return to work with the confidence that they can stay safe, mitigate spread, avoid fines, and make data-driven decisions that keep business operations running smoothly. The platform features:

  1. Employee Health Screening – integration with temperature scanning applications etc.
  2. Contact Tracing
  3. Workplace Safety Management – scheduling visits to HR and company health check ups, regular updates on safety procedures (tied with county, and state laws)
  4. Workplace PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Inventory Management
  5. Employee Readiness Surveys
  6. Service portals for users to log in concerns / queries
  7. Real time communication from management, HR, Operations etc
  8. Safe Workplace Dashboard

Find out more about our COVID-19 Return to Work Business Platform.

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