Fast & Efficient bundle apportionment and space allocation

An innovative machine-driven process automation solution that simplifies the complex process of answer script bundle management

Streamline paper bundle logistics and storage


Paper-driven processes still remain an indispensable part of business for many industries today. Be it education, banking, insurance, healthcare or government organizations, they need to maintain archives of thousands of paper documents for meeting regulatory compliances. Without a good storage and retrieval system, documents are hard to find, hard to share and consequently become unmanageable. They also cost a lot more in terms of money, time and man-power when lost.

Orion’s Bundle Management Solution (BMS) is an innovative machine-driven process-automation solution that handles the entire process of paper bundle management, from collection, data storage to distribution. The solution effectively orchestrates apportionment and space allocation of paper bundles using barcode technology and enable you to systematically organize, track, store and retrieve documents and files in a moment.

BMS for Educational Institutions


Orion’s Bundle Management Solution already has a proven track record, and is successfully being used in the education sector for answer scripts bundle management. The solution is being used by India’s second largest school board for over 3000 schools and leading universities.

Benefits of BMS realized by Educational Institutions

  • Automates routing of answer bundles between examination centers, central collection point and evaluation centers
  • Reduces temporary staff requirement at central collection point by as much as 90%
  • Eliminates errors associated with manual sorting of answer script envelopes
  • Masks all information about origin of answer script envelopes, eliminating scope for mal-practices
  • Hassle-free and precise allocation of storage space, ensuring easy retrieval of answer script envelopes
  • Automatic allocation of envelopes to evaluation centers and examiners, based on complex logic
  • One time investment on hardware. No recurring costs involved.