Building Cognitive Interfaces

Deploying intelligent chatbots with powerful cognitive services, that keep your business ‘becoming smarter’

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The biggest focus of enterprises with their AI initiatives is conversational interfaces and virtual assistants, closely followed by process excellence and fraud detection

The popularity of Chatbots — smartly designed artificial intelligence programs to simulate or mimic conversation with human users over the Internet — equals advances in messaging apps, the app ecosystem, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies and automation.

Orion has been in the forefront of developing chatbots to enhance customer experience as well as increase enterprise productivity for both small and large enterprises. Many enterprise see value in increasing their revenue by offering qualitative chatbots to provide digital experience to their employees as well as their customers.



Three critical needs that we see in all industries to gain an edge in today’s digital economy are:

Enhancing Customer Experience

Focused customer acquisition & Improved customer retention

Digital Initiatives to drive

  • Redesigned Hyper-personalized customer experiences for the Digital Journey
  • Simplified guided Experiences
  • Real-time access and availability cross platforms and devices

Streamline Processes and Automation

Contextual and actionable insights & Improved turnaround time and reduced costs

Digital Initiatives to realize

  • Costs saving /improved turnaround times/improved effectiveness by cutting down risk of errors/Total cost of potential losses
  • Quicker turn-around to Business needs

New Business Models and Digital Products

Differentiated Digital products & Direct to Customer models

Digital Initiatives to explore

  • New Product offerings to customers
  • New Market segments leveraging Digital capabilities and platforms
  • Digital platforms as distribution channels

Orion BOT Framework


Orion uses the following framework to plan and implement chatbots. This framework is exhaustive and involves bot use cases and continuous development.

App Services to host the bot
Bot framework to develop bot
Natural language querying & cognitive services to discover user Intent
Cognitive speech recognition services
Rich expressions through rich card capability for images and videos
Map and retrieve user intent to the right content
Dialogs to handle various conversation flows
Custom UI channel framework to meet UX design needs
Custom UI channel framework
Application insights for telemetry
Content DB to store content, user behavior

Introducing ORVA


An AI-based contextual Voice and Text Bot 

ORVA is an AI-enabled intelligent voice assistant that can perform various tasks by contextually processing user requests using text and voice. Built using Microsoft Bot Framework, Cognitive Services and Azure, ORVA can hear and interpret in more human ways than you can imagine to create conversational interfaces for various business scenarios. ORVA’s key features include:



Retains the context and memory of the conversations

Guided Navigation

Asks follow-up questions to drive the user interaction

Rich Media

Built-in capability for analyzing rich media like images & videos

Change Voice & Accent

Offers option to choose different accents from 21 languages (such as English, Spanish, etc.)


API Integration

Integration with cognitive service APIs that enable you to leverage data from existing apps

Take this first step towards Chatbots!


Get hands-on experience on Orion’s Voice Assistant Bot, ORVA, to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation eff¬orts. With two days of instructor-led, personalized and in-person workshop, arm yourself with the latest and greatest information about using voice-enabled Chatbots in your organization. Combined this with two weeks POC development workshop on the most optimal business use case identified for you.

Download the ORVA brochure and reach out to us today to know more on how we can help get you started on Power BI!

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