Junior Erlang Software Engineer


We execute software development projects for major worldwide 2/3/4/5G telecom equipment vendor
from Northern Europe. Our cooperation with the customer lasts for 16 years and grows over time. We
mainly work with C for Linux system programming, Erlang for high availability and distributed
computing, Kubernetes for cloud orchestration. We learn as we go, meet new challenges as a source of
new knowledge; we help talents who join our teams to succeed and grow together.
Software that we produce let billions of people across the globe stay connected to Internet on mobile

Who we are?

We are a team of 100+ professionals in telecom, OS, networking and infrastructure. We work in cross
functional teams according to well-defined processes based on SCRUM, delivering top quality software
to our customer. Our teams originate from Russia, but we are growing in Serbia now.


The product we develop and maintain is complex distributed system available in native, virtual and
cloud deployments. We work with Linux, including kernel space, drivers and system software, we adapt
open source and proprietary components, we migrate solutions from monolith to microservice
architecture, we love all sorts of networking and dynamic routing specifically. And we work a lot with
functional programming on Erlang as this technology fits our needs in highly reliable handling of tons of
concurrent telecom transactions.
We onboard and mentor our newcomers in all technology stacks we use:

  • Erlang programming (yes, we will teach Erlang from scratch!)
  • Linux system programming
  • Docker/Kubernetes microservices implementation
  • Manual testing
  • Automatic testing using Java based framework

Job Description:

  • As Junior Erlang software developer you will be part of a cross functional team working on mobile network core solutions of a major worldwide telecom infrastructure vendor.
  • Your team will be responsible for development of new functionality and resolution of reported issues within existing code base.
  • Products you will be working on include 2/3/4/5G mobile network core node responsible for data traffic of mobile users.
  • Another product you could meet is mobile network simulator and traffic generator which is rapidly enhanced to meet new 5G requirements.
  • You will be working in a well-defined process framework based on SCRUM. As a team member you will influence team’s and organization’s ways of working to improve the outcome and reach common goals.
  • On this position you will work on Erlang functional programming language.
  • This technology was specifically designed to make programming of high load application with parallel handling of tons of concurrent requests hassle-free. Its usage is not limited to telecom, as it is known to be used by giants like Amazon and Meta within their backend infrastructure.

We offer opportunity to learn Erlang with friendly mentorship by our Erlang professionals. We already educated hundreds of specialists in this stack within past years. Besides Erlang, as a Junior member of the team you will be learning ways of working within mature software development team, understand how mobile networks work and meet many colleagues ready to help you grow into IT guru.


  • Any programming experience, including educational or pet projects
  • English to support written and verbal communication on (mostly) technical topics with international colleagues
  • Be ready to learn Erlang!

Life at Orion Europe

Orion offers an immersive, energetic work environment where employees can innovate. We encourage you to join us at one of our locations in Serbia, Türkiye, Romania and Lithuania.

Work Environment

Orion is a leading digital transformation and product development services firm. In Europe we have delivery locations around Belgrade, Istanbul, Bucharest and Vilnius. Our teams are focused on digital product development for major global companies and unicorn start-ups. Our engineers are immersed with our clients to deliver innovative and distrupted products.

Orion values creating a productive, diverse work environment for employees. We are committed to maintaining a positive work environment where employees value traits that make each one of us different from one another. We all bring a diverse set of perspectives, work and life experiences, and our differences make us more valuable both internally and for our clients.

Growth Potential

Orion is a great place to develop your career, no matter what role you start in. Throughout Europe, most of our roles offer experience in Automotive, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), Financial Services & FinTech, Healthcare, and Industrial & Consumer Products, so there are multiple industries where you can make an impact.

Education Programs

Orion offers various educational opportunities, including Power BI training with our partner, Microsoft. We also have training programs across Quality Assurance, Software Engineering with languages such as C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

Specifically, we offer these training programs, internships and Robotics opportunities through joint programs with universities and engineering colleges.

Employee Benefits
  • Vacation Time
  • Family Benefits
  • Medical Insurance
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Sick Leave
  • Training Programs
  • Flexible Hours
  • Material incentives and assistance; and more.

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