.NET C# Software Engineer

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced .NET C# Software Engineer to join our team working on the development of a complex distributed enterprise solution within the financial industry. 


  • Design and development on the back-end part of the system 
  • Work closely with a customer and contractors in a collaborative development environment 
  • Communicate with other team members 
  • Assist in all phases of development, deployment, and some ongoing support. 
  • Assist in developing automated test packages and unit testing utilizing TDD 


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in .NET/C# 
  • Knowledge of .NET Core 
  • Good knowledge of PowerShell script language 
  • Good knowledge of HTTP, FTP protocols 
  • Good knowledge of SQL and NoSQL 
  • Good knowledge of data warehouse architecture approaches 
  • Knowledge and experience in design patterns and principles 
  • Knowledge of basic algorithms, structures 
  • Experience with development tools: Visual Studio 2015, Git, Jenkins, NUnit and PostgreSQL 
  • Some experience in front-end technologies: JavaScript (ECMA 5 or 6), TypeScript, Angular 
  • Proficiency in English  

Nice to have:

  • DBs: PostgreSQL, MongoDB 
  • ORM: Dapper 
  • Protocols: SOAP, AMPQ, OAuth2 
  • Tools: Bower, Gulp, NPM 
  • Message broker: RabbitMQ 
  • Other: NodeJS, Glassfish, ReactJS + Redux or Flux, Ansible, Docker
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