System Architect

Job Overview:

Our client, one of the leading producers of software for interactive TV in the USA, is currently seeking to hire a System Architect.


  • A balanced approach to development of and to introduction of amendments to the shared code
  • Skills of project build for Linux (auto tools, make, pkgconfig, cmake, gcc, mingw, etc.)
  • Programming in GN/Ninja
  • Programming in python
  • Programming in C/C++ (at the level acceptable for identification and removal of build Problems)
  • Understanding peculiarities of dealing with compilation artefacts (ELF, obj, apk, etc.)
  • Ability to see into third-party build systems
  • Ability to integrate new platforms into the build system
  • Love for the marvelous code

Advantages would be:

  • Proficient knowledge of C++
  • Gradle, maven, ant


  • Supporting and enhancement of the current build system
  • Building pipeline management
  • Working and consulting developers on build scripts
  • Build management for different target platforms
  • Build profiling and optimization for different platforms

A bit more about the project:

  • We use a unified build system both on build servers and on the developer’s desktop
  • We build constructions for different platforms, both native and high-level (Linux, iOS, android, js, emscripten, Motorola)
  • We use various SDK delivered to us by different suppliers for a particular platform
  • We build in different formats
  • We use different sets of back-end components for various projects
  • Generally, we write our components in C/C++, but sometimes other languages are encountered (for example JavaScript, kotlin, or a special language developed by our company)
  • We largely build for Linux (however, there is a need to build development tools for Windows as well)
  • We build and use different third-party components depending on the target platform, moreover, versions of such components may differ in various constructions

In other words, our system is like a construction set – we have many bricks, whereby completely different products may be built on different foundations – from a small flat to a town.

At the moment our build system relies on the following tools:

  • Docker – for creation of reproducible build environment
  • Yaml configurations – for description of a desired configuration set for one build artefact for a specific project/client
  • GN (generate ninja) – for description of build engines for individual components and for creation of relationships between them both for build and for installation
  • Ninja – a basic build system
  • Python – language in which scripts are written, that performs specific tasks (for example – image build or image signature via customer servers, an agent for interaction with test bots and lots more)
  • Pkgconfig – for simplicity of third-party component build
  • Google text/google mock – as С/С++ code testing system
  • Jenkins – as a system of build orchestration, test initiation
  • Gcc – we build and use gcc of an identical version across multiple platforms for C/C++ code unification (however, for some platforms a need arises to use another SDK definable compiler version)
  • Qemu – used for unit test initiation for the target platform (arm, mips)
  • Artifactory – for caching artefacts of component or subcomponent build
  • Test system (our tests are based on the idea of separate special-purpose builds for several dedicated bots using such tests)

What We Offer:

  • Dynamic and supporting international teams
  • Regular assessments and performance reviews. You will have the opportunity for promotion, bonuses and a raise in accordance with the pace at which you develop and your performances
  • Remote, hybrid or office work
  • 20-25 vacation days per year
  • Equipment for work, laptop and all necessary additions
  • Access to trainings and courses
  • Private health insurance
  • FIT Pass card for many sports’ facilities

Life at Orion Europe

Orion offers an immersive, energetic work environment where employees can innovate. We encourage you to join us at one of our locations in Serbia, Türkiye, Romania and Lithuania.

Work Environment

Orion is a leading digital transformation and product development services firm. In Europe we have delivery locations around Belgrade, Istanbul, Bucharest and Vilnius. Our teams are focused on digital product development for major global companies and unicorn start-ups. Our engineers are immersed with our clients to deliver innovative and distrupted products.

Orion values creating a productive, diverse work environment for employees. We are committed to maintaining a positive work environment where employees value traits that make each one of us different from one another. We all bring a diverse set of perspectives, work and life experiences, and our differences make us more valuable both internally and for our clients.

Growth Potential

Orion is a great place to develop your career, no matter what role you start in. Throughout Europe, most of our roles offer experience in Automotive, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), Financial Services & FinTech, Healthcare, and Industrial & Consumer Products, so there are multiple industries where you can make an impact.

Education Programs

Orion offers various educational opportunities, including Power BI training with our partner, Microsoft. We also have training programs across Quality Assurance, Software Engineering with languages such as C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

Specifically, we offer these training programs, internships and Robotics opportunities through joint programs with universities and engineering colleges.

Employee Benefits
  • Vacation Time
  • Family Benefits
  • Medical Insurance
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Sick Leave
  • Training Programs
  • Flexible Hours
  • Material incentives and assistance; and more.

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