India’s second largest education board, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), wanted to publish examination results on time rather than delaying the publication process. Due to manual exam scoring operations, results were rarely released on time. The CISCE tried various approaches to expedite the publication process with little success.


We implemented our Live Ink solution to expedite the process of evaluating answers. Evaluators didn’t have to learn how to use new technology platforms or undergo any training as they continued using the traditional pen and paper method. Scoring the questions, creating rubrics, validating scores and totaling is done on the fly using mobile tablets that rule out possibilities for any human error. In order to improve data security, the solution relies on cloud servers designed to store data in real time and ensure no residual data — either on the pen or tablet — is left behind during evaluation. This approach eliminates any external dependencies, which makes the process reliable, secure and consistent.

Our Live Ink solution captures and digitizes scores from summary sheets using a digital pen. The pen instantly transfers captured data on to a rubric application for automatic totaling and verification. From a user’s perspective, the solution is just like an ordinary pen, so there’s no need for special training or expertise. The solution further encrypts and directly transfers the processed data to the client’s cloud-based servers in real-time from the evaluation centers across India.


The client was able to announce exam results two weeks in advance for the first time in the history of the board. Now used across three thousand CISCE schools in India, the successful implementation helped streamline complex, high-volume evaluation processes, thus improving functionality overall. The solution is highly praised by the Council for its user-friendliness, accuracy and ability to eliminate any possibility of totaling scores and completing rubrics incorrectly. With about three million answer scripts, it has benefited more than two million students who can now prepare or seek admissions for higher studies with a head start.


  • Faster publication of results with 100% scoring accuracy
  • Scalable, predictable and dependable
  • Student ID masking
  • Live monitoring of progress at each evaluation center
  • Comprehensive analytics on performance of students, schools and examiners
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