Orion Behavior Design Studios collaborated with The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on several initiatives which include an online destination for the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative as well as focused redesigns of popular content areas such as the video and blog portions of the Guggenheim.org website.

Content Hubs

For the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, the landing page or “Hub” serves as a portal where visitors can survey the terrain laterally or dig for deeper information. The interface is designed to balance various elements together, streamlining the user experience through content organization, nomenclature, and grouping related content features such as artists/works, videos, blog posts, and events in one place. Visitors can explore within regions or across them.

Tying it Together

The MAP Navigator allows visitors to glean a broader sense of the initiative with greater context, allowing correlations across individual elements that might not be apparent otherwise. The MAP Navigator provides a start, middle, and end point for robust engagement and invites exploration by revealing contextual threads across regions, categories, and content types.

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