Enclara™ PHARMACIA is a Pharmacy Benefits Manager that supports hospices by providing them with required medications through either their own in-house pharmacy or through local retail pharmacies.


The client received data around past medication from potential customers, including type of drug, quantity, and price charged by the incumbent provider. The Account Management teams would then use this data to revise pricing for existing customers while Sales teams used it to pursue new customers.

Business users would also use the data to extract Excel reports for analysis, and they needed support from IT teams, which was time-consuming. Additionally, changing these reports was difficult and intensive.


Using Qlik, Orion migrated data and built a centralized data mart for dispense and billing purposes. We also developed 2 Qlik Sense applications similar to the client’s Excel-based Profitability and Unit Economics reports. Lastly, we created a Profitability dashboard and Unit Economics dashboard for the Finance team, and we developed an E3 Mobile Application Usage Analysis dashboard in QlikSense.


As a result of Orion’s work, the client now has a single data model for different applications in their Finance dashboard, making maintenance and further development easier. Key metrics can now be represented as device agnostics, interactively or through visualizations, and we enabled self-service BI with no dependence on IT.

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