Orion Behavior Design Studies was asked to re-envision the user experience for the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, one that better reflects RSB as a leading, innovative, inspiring, and inspired institution; and which exemplifies the signature Ross experience, summed up in the phrase “Ross Thought in Action.”

Making it Real

Orion focused on making a closer connection between the school’s “brand pillars” and their manifestation in the educational offerings of the school, student output, and contributions inside and outside of the classroom. One of the ways this was done was through a persistent superfooter tying the pillars “Positive,” “Boundaryless,” “Analytic,” and “Action” to people, programs and activities, showcasing projects and programs which support the school’s mission and connection to the community and world at large.

Speaking to Many & All

The website caters to an array of distinct audiences, speaking directly to current, prospective and admitted students, faculty & staff, alumni, and recruiting companies at once. The new site organization also allows for lateral canvassing and deep-dive fact-finding. Find-ability, context and ease-of-use were important tenets of the new user experience. Achieving these goals necessitated making sense of the various degree program offerings, expressing a greater sense of student life and community culture, and creating intuitive access to information for all/distinct target audiences.

Looking Ahead

Orion’s redesign enabled many modes of content discovery: from direct surgical access to browsability and assisted guidance. Cross-content exploration, including focused “program guides” were created to help prospective and current students see the potential holistic education experience and subsequent career “paths” ahead of them.

Creating Flexibility & Consistency at Once

Another goal of the redesign was to forge a consolidated publishing platform and unify workflows across the school’s major communications channels. The redesign was developed through a powerful and flexible CMS that delivers the brand’s outreach through a responsive framework that ensures consistency and integrity across all platforms and channels.


  • Highlighted Ross’ signature programs, faculty thought leadership, culture and community, and rankings
  • Brought the brand pillar concepts to life
  • Content structure supports primary site usage scenarios with relevant calls-to-action
  • Designed “program guides” for prospective and admitted students to give a broader sense of the experience in and out of the classroom
  • Supports multiple audiences, from students and faculty to alumni, executives and recruiting companies
  • Engaged with dozens of stakeholders across various programs and departments

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