Security has always been а great concern for property owners, but the emerging security alarm systems have become а source of an even greater concern for installers. MERA, a division of Orion, helped Swiss security firm Sitasys vastly simplify the process of deploying and managing today’s advanced security systems using automation and app-based interactions, significantly improving the experience for both installers and customers.


Sitasys, an innovative Swiss company specializing in the field of alarm transmission and secure communication, recognized that, with today’s complex alarm systems, installers faced daunting challenges in delivering high-quality services to customers. The process involved many complex, manual, and time-consuming steps, such as purchasing, installing, and configuring the right hardware, verifying connectivity to the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), and filling out multi-page paper forms at various points along the way. Sitasys believed that а web-based application could automate and simplify these business processes for all parties-saving installers time and effort, giving customers better visibility into the process and their protected objects, and reducing costs for ARCs. Sitasys chose MERA to implement the solution.


Drawing on extensive architecture design expertise, MERA professionals rapidly delivered а high-quality solution. During the initial one-week workshop with Sitasys, MERA designed а system architecture based on а modern, open-source software stack and capable of delivering mission-critical performance while being easy to maintain and update. In just over three months, MERA developed, tested, and delivered the first version of the application. It features а modular architecture, allowing for rapid development of new functionality, and is database- and vendor-agnostic to avoid vendor lock-in. Befitting an application in the security space, it uses security best practices at both the operating system and application levels. Using the principles of converged infrastructure and continuous delivery, it can be automatically deployed and upgraded for maximum efficiency.

The solution attracted significant attention when debuted at а major security exhibition in Switzerland. ln the summer of 2016, it beat 18 other candidates to win the Silver Award for security technology in the category of alarm systems at the SicherheitsExpo 2016 in Munich, Germany.


The application streamlines the experience for all parties involved, including the installer, customer, and ARC, with a web-based application available on any modern devices. Installers can configure and order hardware using a guided, intuitive process. After receipt, they can install, configure, and confirm connectivity without using complex paper forms or making calls to the ARC, who can use digital processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Customers can manage all their protected objects and get security status information online through virtually any device.

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