The customer is a US-based company that offers POS solutions for restaurants and retail businesses. With their iPad-based POS and cloud-based backend platform, they have a large installation base and considerable market share. The customer wanted to expand their business areas by adding payment processing services to their portfolio.


The customer wanted to purchase a well-recognized payment gateway company that provides services with millions of payment transactions across North America. Before doing so, the customer sought to conduct a deep, complex product audit in order to understand product quality and potential weaknesses prior to acquisition.

MERA, a division of Orion, was selected as a trusted auditor with knowledge in all required areas of the assessment, including code and architecture quality, security and development processes. The team assigned to this project faced various challenges, such as short lead time for complete review, high product complexity and limited access to all materials (documentation, source code, etc.) in that these resources were only available on the company’s premises.


MERA quickly assembled a team of experts who traveled to the US and participated in the online product audit with the company representatives. MERA was provided with supervised access to the documentation and source code, so active communication was required to gather all the necessary information. The review goals were to evaluate product architecture, product implementation quality and software development routines.


MERA provided the customer with a detailed product assessment report, covering all the requested review aspects. High product quality, robust architecture and good performance were confirmed from the source code point of view. Additionally, MERA identified a major man-in-the-middle attack vulnerability during the architecture review.

The results allowed the customer to view the deal from a new perspective and make a risk-free business decision.

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