The company is a nonprofit organization that fosters dialogue between artists, scholars and the broader public.


The company wanted to create a virtual space for content curation, exploration and discourse, as well as a smoother experience that would improve satisfaction with their digital presence. This experience also needed to support different forms of expression within art, literature and scholarship in seamless and thoughtful ways. 


Orion partnered with the company in order to recreate the website with three primary content groupings: Projects, Topics and Contributors. As users visit the site, they’re encouraged to navigate by exploring these three gateways; each one is interconnected through a carefully-designed taxonomy structure. Orion designed the content so that it can be easily scanned and focused on user engagement by presenting layers of information about each respective art piece. These layers include: artist attribution, background and location information, topics and user comments. 


The company’s new site fostered interest from visitors, enticing them to explore the various layers presented on each page. Also, Orion expanded and improved the company’s visual brand in creating a more recognizable logo. Other notables include: 

  • Content curation with multiple entry points cutting across traditional silos 
  • Intermixing and cohabitation of multiple media types 
  • Taxonomy geared toward content discovery in an immersive, layered experience 
  • Showcased all types of art under one umbrella 
  • Purpose of the site is to “explore” 
  • Project partnership with founders 
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