The company, New York City’s first and only full-time performing arts theater for kids, their families, and classmates, was looking to compete with other city-wide youth activities by developing a digital personality that better reflected its unique offerings.


The company wanted to partner with a provider and re-envision its digital presence so that its unique offerings would stand out in comparison to those offered by its competitors. Additionally, the company wanted to showcase the step-by-step experience of attending a company event (from purchase to preshow activities to the show itself). This was challenging because Orion had to recreate the company’s warm, welcoming experience for digital purposes so that it would translate across a different medium.  


Orion’s first focus revolved around the company’s family-friendly environment so Orion sought to reflect this concept through the company’s new digital presence. The next step was to highlight the innovative children’s programming that the company offered. Therefore, Orion included an “Explore” section for each performance that provided a back story on the performance, where the company originated from and any additional video clips that promoted interaction with the site. Each page now flows laterally, allowing visitors to learn more about upcoming shows via arrows located on either side of the performance title. The format also increases scan-ability so that visitors can quickly discover the performances they are most interested in. 


Orion improved digital experience for website visitors so that they could enjoy each step of the performance process, from initial purchase to post-show content. Other notables include:  

  • Related content was grouped together under one page, thus driving users to transactions-based calls-to-action; 
  • Visual language was integrated with program marketing and positioning; and 
  • The design system indicated the company’s connection to its parent organization while still curating unique sub-brand experience. 
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