The company is a world-famous telecom equipment manufacturer. One of its core products is a generic hardware and infrastructure server platform designed to host one or more telecom applications and provide reliable and scalable services.


The company needed to consolidate the R&D of switching and routing by reducing the number of suppliers and production sites. It also offered many products with a number of long-lasting, software-related problems, which lowered the product quality. These problems hurt the product’s functionality, which in turn reduced customer satisfaction. 


MERA, a division of Orion, worked with the company to help with end-to-end R&D for all switching and routing projects. With MERA’s solutions, the company reduced the number of suppliers and production sites. MERA also helped the company improve product design through architecture analysis and the deployment of systemized technical improvements. This helped elevate each product’s functionality and quality. 


  • Reduction of the total number of defects from 50+ to a single-digit backlog 
  • Stabilization of the test and CI environment: the number of successful CI runs has increased from under 50% to over 80% 
  • Reduced cost by improving R&D efficiency 
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