The customer is a multinational company and one of the global leaders in business communication solutions development, offering a wide range of products. It’s recognized as a leading innovator in all areas of intelligent connections.


One of the customer’s products is a communication media server that allows users to create voice and video meetings with advanced capabilities, including screen sharing. MERA, a division of Orion, was asked to develop a gateway between the media server and the Skype for Business (SfB) server so that users registered on one of the servers could reach those registered on the other one for audio/video calls, text messages, etc.


The MERA development team analyzed Microsoft SfB screen sharing protocol based on the RDP protocol used by Microsoft’s terminal server, but with some limitations related to telecommunications. In gateway development, MERA chose open-source RDP stack and ICE/STUN protocol library to implement the communication layer between SfB and the media server. Both were heavily updated to work correctly with discovered differences in the Microsoft product.


The MERA team developed a new component to convert screen sharing information from SfB clients (RDP protocol) to media server clients (proprietary protocol based on REST) and vice versa. During component development, MERA also created a complete test lab that allows customers to perform versatile testing with different clients.

The solution delivered by the MERA team is now an essential part of the customer’s end product and strengthens MERA’s leadership role across the business communications industry.


  • Connection negotiation with ICE/STUN protocols
  • Audio/video calls from and to Skype for Business clients
  • Screen sharing information exchange between servers
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