With All-Star Week just months away, MLB turned to Orion to create a digital home that would manage and engage thousands of volunteers critical to the event’s success.


For over 80 years, MLB’s All-Star Game has heralded a weeklong roster of events attended by fans, teams and executives. Luckily for MLB, thousands of loyal fans volunteer to help at these events every year; however, this creates logistical challenges as MLB attempts to coordinate e-mail blasts, plan the event and designate tasks for volunteers. In the past, Excel spreadsheets were used to coordinate these efforts, but MLB needed a different, more efficient solution.  

Relevant Execution

  • Loyalty Program 
  • Social Media and Engagement
  • Incentive Technology 
  • Performance and User Load 
  • Process Optimization 
  • Custom Administration tools


Orion attacked this problem head on in creating the “Volunteer All-Stars” application, which helps MLB event organizers arrange the events, classify jobs and shifts, provide volunteers with logistics and track the onboarding process. 

This self-service model then allows volunteers to complete a simple onboarding workflow and select the job shifts they prefer. All of the job descriptions were updated in real time to avoid confusion among the volunteers and MLB employees. 


  • Over 4,000 volunteer shifts filled in under 24 hours 
  • 23,000+ friends invited via Facebook
  • 1,400+ tweets 
  • Saved money and reduced time for MLB event organization
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