The New Victory Theater is New York City’s first and only full-time performing arts theater for kids, their families and classmates. Orion Behavior Design Studios re-envisioned NVT’s digital presence to better reflect the theater’s unique offerings and to differentiate it from competing city-wide activities for children. Orion crafted a delightful user experience reflective of NVT’s brand, making it easier for both newcomers and members to purchase tickets to their extraordinary events.

Heart of the Experience

A core goal of the UX strategy was to communicate the unique experience of attending a performance at NVT: from the purchase experience to pre-show activities to the performance itself. The key was translating the warm and welcoming environment and the visceral joy from the theater experience to the digital screen. Orion strategically mapped out the attributes the site needed to convey to the users. First and foremost was the family-friendly environment. The tone upon entering the theater is accommodating, to parents, caregivers and children alike. There is a palpable communal atmosphere that radiates from the staff to the space itself.

And of course, highlighting the innovative children’s programming was paramount to revealing the thoughtful and carefully curated content. Each performance page includes an “Explore” section, which provides the back story on the performance company, where they originated from (often from another country) and additional video clips and trivia to give a better sense of how far and how deep New Victory searches for its truly inventive and ground-breaking programing for kids.

Multiple Organizations, Single Voice

The New 42nd Street is the parent organization to The New Victory Theater, The Duke Theater and The New 42 Studios. One of the goals of the redesign was to visually connect all of the properties together so users understood the relationship between the different entities. Orion’s solution was to establish a strong color scheme and super footer that acts as the global navigation across all of the properties. This established a visual thread between the sites with flexibility in the design of the content areas, so that each organization also maintained its own voice.

All-in-one Performance

In order to capture the essence of the shows presented, the site positions performance trailers at the top of the screen. Users may browse laterally to learn about upcoming shows via arrows located on either side of the performance title. This allows them to quickly scan and discover shows they may be interested in. This enabled potential audience members to preview before purchasing. The design of the performance page is an all-in-one experience, giving users a preview of the show, background on the theater company, visiting information as well as a calendar that serves as the first step in the ticket purchase process.

Purchase Loop

The New Victory Theater calendar is also a core component of the site. Not only does it pervade the performance detail pages, it has a prominent role in the primary navigation directing users to the first stage of the purchase process.

The final step is to confirm their purchase. NVT has a unique offering in that ticket buyers will automatically become “members” and receive a discount if they purchase tickets to three or more performances in a single season. In order to create awareness of this unique membership feature, the benefits were highlighted during checkout, offering the opportunity for the user to purchase additional tickets before completing their transaction.


  • Backstory exposed to reveal thoughtful curatorial process
  • Related content grouped together under one page driving users to transactions-based calls-to-action
  • Visual language integrated with program marketing and positioning
  • Multi-brand challenge
  • Design system reveals connection to parent organization while permitting unique sub-brand experience
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