The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is North America’s largest transportation network, serving 8.6 million customers a day in New York City, Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut – equivalent to one in every three public transit customers in the country.


Initially, most of the MTA’s resources were stored in a centralized data repository in Oracle. The MTA asked Orion to migrate these resources to the SQL Server, and recommend assessment and training processes for the internal teams. Before starting the migration, we assessed the migration challenges, trained the internal IT team on the SQL server and provided a digital road map.


Orion provided guidance to the MTA on navigating the migration roadmap. The Orion team conducted a Data Environment Assessment and impact analysis on the challenges and areas of the system that could possibly affect migration using a proprietary Data Assessment Scorecard Framework. Next, we installed and configured the SQL Server Migration Assistant and our Orion Data Migration Accelerator, before identifying the gaps within the system, submitting a detailed report, updating the road map and conducting internal SQL Administration trainings.


The MTA’s migration was successful without any disruption to the existing business. Orion reconfigured the required dashboards and reports to the SQL Server, resulting in data-insight based decision making.

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