A major hunting/sporting goods company in the USA decided it was time to offer their first Consumer IoT product: a connected trail and game camera. These cameras are widely used not only by hunters but also by animal conservationists. Since this product was the client’s first smart product, the client required a complete build out of the software: embedded software for the camera, mobile software for the customer and a wide array of cloud software to host the remaining software components (database, payment services, call center support, and a data warehouse).


There were 3 major challenges facing the client: they had no software experts; they had no hardware experts and they had no experience in smart product support or operation.


Orion collaborated with the customer to help find a hardware designer from our network of partners, which allowed the client to start designing the Smart Trail Cam. The next challenge was to work with the client to create a master set of system features. With such a feature set in hand, our engineers determined the proper software solution for the device, the mobile and the cloud. 

The team selected Linux, a cross-platform tool for writing the Android and iOS applications, and chose Kubernetes to ensure the Cloud solution could run on any commercial or private cloud offering. We also selected a leading edge call center solution and was able to assemble and customize the best-in-breed software components required to solve the clients needs.  


By choosing IOT software tools using a horizontal manner, as opposed to selecting an already designed vertical solution, the team was able to bring the customer’s product to market in an aggressive, short time frame. We designed and implemented the solution in a way that pushes much of the development cost from an up-front CAPEX expenditure model to one of an OPEX, pay as you go model. 

This allowed us to choose the best in-class software products for the customer, tailor them to the customers liking using our talented software developers, and help bring the customer’s first digital product to market incredibly fast. Now the client can continue to innovate and bring new consumer products to market with very minimal changes to the software system that we deployed.

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