Red Hat had an imperative to triple revenues in 24 months (ie $1B to $3B). As part of their strategy to rapidly grow revenue, they realized they needed to think differently about their website and offerings. Their website was very product-centric and they needed to improve the customer experience if they were to more effectively compete with big players such as IBM, Microsoft, VMware etc.


We effectively overhauled Red Hat’s website by designing a user experience that allowed users to browse content to generate interest before diving in. We developed mindful navigation to reflect audience motivations and needs which involved understanding where customers were in the buying process, and providing the right actions at the right time. We also helped Red Hat unify the technology and business partner websites for a Unified Partner Journey.


Red Hat transformed its website from a product-centric experience to a customer-centric experience. They were able to increase partner time to revenue by 30%. They were also able to lower the cost of partner portal applications by $1M over 3 years. They were able to speed up the cycle time from partner onboard to their first sale. Post launch had 40% increase in unique visits, 33% increase in page views, 50% increase in Google traffic. Within a few years of the ongoing transformation, Red Hat was sold to IBM for $34B.

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