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Organizations are challenged by ever-growing data volumes and data types that are increasingly diverse. At the same time, more and more business opportunities can only be realized if large, diverse sources can be integrated in near-real-time, if not in real-time. Cloud storage architectures have helped, yet they still establish independent data silos that cannot be seamlessly integrated with other systems, such as traditional data warehouses. In today’s complex data landscape, it is no longer feasible to replicate data from myriad sources into a central repository, due to the associated costs and the delays in accessing the data.

Data Virtualization for Business Transformation

Data virtualization is a modern data integration approach, which creates real-time, integrated views of data from disparate, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to support data services for business transactions, analytics, and other workload patterns, without replication. It is an agile data integration approach that presents data as a virtual, abstract layer, independent of underlying database systems, structures, and storage.

Data virtualization complements the capabilities of traditional data integration with the following features:

  • Real-time data access without replication and its associated costs.
  • Rapid data services delivered using myriad protocols with fine grained security, higher service levels, and detailed monitoring.
  • Discovery and governance of data and metadata, data lineage, change impact, and other data management capabilities, enabled by the virtual data layer.

Denodo Platform for Data Virtualization

The Denodo Platform is the only data virtualization solution that is fully equipped to handle today’s and tomorrow’s data management challenges. Denodo is the leader in data virtualization, providing agile, high performance data integration and data abstraction across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data and unstructured sources, as well as real-time data services, at half the cost of traditional approaches.

Denodo Platform Differentiators

  • Big data query acceleration through native integration with parallel query processing engines.
  • Dynamic Query Optimizer with advanced query rewriting techniques that minimize network traffic and postprocessing in the virtual layer for scalable architecture.
  • Dynamic Data Catalog that combines the features of a traditional catalog (classification and tagging, data lineage, descriptions, etc.) with keyword-based search, discovery, and business-friendly data exploration and preparation.
  • Modern data services layer that implements the latest standards (e.g., OAuth 2.0, SAML, OpenAPI, OData 4) for easy cloud interoperability.
  • Automated lifecycle management that greatly simplifies Dev/Ops tasks such as deployments, monitoring, logging, updates from a centralized web UI.
  • Availability on major cloud platforms (AWS and Azure Marketplaces) and Docker.

Data Virtualization Benefits

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