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Achieve sustainable business performance

Businesses today are navigating a complex and highly volatile environment which calls for constant agility, process visibility and real-time decision making capabilities.

Orion help businesses tackles these complex “process optimization” tasks through an integrated and industry-led approach. With our comprehensive business process management services, that span across discovery, design, plan and enhancement stages of process lifecycle, we help you connect your IT assets, workforce and customers (across platforms) for efficient and effective digital business operations. Our goal is to tailor intelligent solutions that optimize your existing resources and bring flexibility, availability and capacity to transform and move your business forward.

Business Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamline business processes, enhance collaboration and manage data effectively

ERP solutions have been known for aligning distinct business functions or departments under one umbrella to streamline transactions and data processing. It allow organizations to eliminating data discrepancies and improve business workflows by driving standardization and accurate reporting.

At Orion, we help businesses to – design, implement, and support ERP systems that not just streamline core business processes and improve data visibility but drive transformation through intelligent workflow automation. Our ERP focused services include:

  • Enterprise application development and management
  • Cloud integration and migration
  • Product development, upgrade and support
  • Data integration and management
  • Consulting services in Microsoft, .NET, ERP & other emerging technologies

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Integrate business systems and processes seamlessly

EDI enable businesses to collaborate more efficiently with their partners or suppliers and reduce the supply chain costs by eliminating inefficiencies and manual interventions. Orion assist businesses with implementation of EDI platforms and enable to sync data platforms for improved interoperatibility and collaboration.

Workflow Automation and Management

No more compromises with your business goals due to unstructured tasks

Workflow automation is at the core of our digital transformation approach. With workflow automation, we help you transform the way you work and manage business information (physical as well as digital) in a secure and effective way. By eliminating information silos, manual and paper-based work processes and redundant tasks, we help you deliver modern user experience, bring greater transparency, lower operational risks, and increase workforce productivity.

Learn more about our process and workflow automation services that that drive improved results and increased profitability.

Line of Business Applications

Accelerate to high performance

Businesses today need continuous, cutting-edge service delivery from their IT organization to support business performance and innovation. The IT challenge is to deliver automation and process applications that move the company forward and are not obsolete before they are deployed. We help you reap the full benefits of your application investments and ensure your business accelerates to high performance with our value based application development, support and management services.

Learn more about our services and the agile and flexible approach to ensure smooth business operations that deliver results every time.

Success Story

Know how a leading professional sports league that manages numerous teams and events transformed its business operations with an integrated and workflow-driven business platform.

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