Temenos Community Forum 2023 was an exclusive event for the Temenos ecosystem. At TCF 2023, you could experience how Temenos’ open platform for banking can support its rich user engagements and drive growth using leading functionality and the latest technology while taking advantage of the changing banking market landscape. 

Banktech is a multi-regional partner for Temenos, a leading global banking platform for large and small banks, challenger banks, and fintechs. Now Banktech Software Services Ltd is a part of Orion Innovation and complements Orion’s financial services business by bringing additional industry expertise, open banking solutions, and implementation capabilities to the company. 

Agenda for the summit:

Day 1: Registration Day. On May 9, Welcome Reception part for all the Temenos partners, services providers, and current & new clients.

Day 2: Event Day. On May 10, the Temenos team will share insights on the power of embedded finance and BaaS to transform banking, exploring the opportunities these trends create for the banking ecosystem to help you meet the new customers’ growing demand whilst growing trust and optimizing cost-to-income ratios.

Day 3: Event Day. On May 11, the Temenos team will discuss the latest insights and innovations across banking solutions to help you drive customer engagement and growth, followed by a hotly anticipated guest speaker. 

Our team was at the temenos community forum 2023

Meet our team in Vienna

Karolina Kocalevski
VP of Global Marketing

Suchen Janjale
Head of Financial Services Europe

Michael Erwin
Sr. Director-Business Development

Lorenzo Chapuis
Head of Sales and Business Development

Intissar Abdelli
Head of Delivery

Meenakshi Bhayana
Sales And Marketing Specialist

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