Join the Orion and Microsoft Power BI team at DIAD training programs to accelerate your Power BI experience. With DIAD, you get practical hands-on experience to bring data to life in a full-day instructor led report building session.

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2021 Full-Day Workshops:
**Due to COVID-19, these sessions will now be held virtually.**

DateCountry/Time ZoneRegistration Info
January 13, 2021USARegister here
January 26, 2021CanadaRegister here
February 2, 2021USARegister here
February 9, 2021USARegister here
February 24, 2021CanadaRegister here
March 2, 2021USARegister here
March 16, 2021USARegister here
March 18, 2021IndiaRegister here
March 25, 2021USARegister here
April 15, 2021IndiaRegister here

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