No other industry is experiencing the impact of technological change more than telecommunications. Between the arrival of 5G technology and the IoT revolution, the telecommunications industry needs to rise to elevated consumer expectations, with stronger, faster, more efficient networks and internal operations that can fuel a 5G-powered future. Both communication service providers (CSPs) and network equipment providers (NEP) are being challenged to reinvent networks and operations to meet the insatiable marketplace demands for instant and inexhaustible delivery of data via an array of connections.

We’ve served the telecommunications industry for more than two decades.  More than 40% of mobile traffic all over the globe is handled by the software developed and maintained by our engineers. Over the years, we have enabled clients in various telecom domains from fixed and mobile networks to implement enterprise and cloud-based solutions.

We keep up to date with technology and implement agile methodologies to ensure that our customers get the best solutions tailored to their needs. We offer unsurpassed telecom engineering services that utilize next-generation communication technologies. We can take over the full software development life cycle for both backend and frontend, from analysis and design to QA and maintenance. We can help you realize revenue faster by bringing services to market quicker.

Over the next few years, we see three core areas that will be critical to carrying you forward:

1.  Network Functions Virtualization: The clock is ticking. Network virtualization is vital to keeping pace with unprecedented and unrelenting user demands. We can collaborate with key product vendors to deploy and integrate systems to create the virtualization layer. We can automate the workload balance for Virtual Network Functions (VNF) across the NFV architecture and decouple software and commoditized hardware. Our experience includes:

  • NFV: VNF implementation, Service Function Chaining, Management & Orchestration

  • Application/platform migration

  • High availability services/systems development (five nines)

  • Dockerized applications development and orchestration using Kubernetes

2. Network Cloudification: Hyper-connectivity in network data and infrastructure is happening at a frenetic pace. Cloudification and automation across the Exchange-to-Exchange (E2E) telecom stack have never been more important. We can help you migrate network applications and data to the cloud, provision and manage network cloud configuration to modernize infrastructure, optimize network loads and save costs with:

  • Application/platform migration to the Cloud

  • On-premise/Public/Hybrid Cloud solutions

  • Edge Cloud

  • Cloud DevOps

  • AI and Big data

3.  OSS & BSS Migration: Neither communication service providers nor network equipment manufacturers have time for inefficiencies in a business climate that demands high performance. We can modernize your tech stack to optimize your operations, lowering OPEX and supercharging release cycles. We can help with:

  • Automation and AI

  • OSS/Cloud migration

  • API-fication using microservices

  • Application modernization

Other experience includes:

IP Networking

  • SDN: SDN Controller & OpenFlow implementation, integration & support, bare metal firmware development

  • L2/L3 protocol stacks implementation, integration & support (data, control, management plane)

  • Software development for Network processors

  • Software development in OTN Control plane

Streaming Application Development

We’ve developed numerous video streaming apps on Android, iOS, ROKU and Smart TVs. Our experience includes:

  • UI/UX Graphical Design experience for Video Streaming

  • Custom UI Elements

  • Integration of AD (advertising) services

  • Integration of analytics (Google analytics, Adode Analytics)

  • Integration of Adobe Pass*

  • Submission and Publication on App Stores or ROKU Channel store

  • Selection of frameworks to meet customers needs

  • Mentored customers in building their own apps including “best industry practices”

  • Support, maintenance, test and automated test

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