Transforming Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

The Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment landscape is rapidly converging, driven by customer expectations such as on-demand entertainment, and the instantaneous service delivery experience enabled by today’s technologies. This has been driven by the speed of content delivery through the advent of 5G, ubiquitous broadband, smart devices, and technologies such as edge computing, open RAN, augmented reality, virtual reality and more. The proliferation of smartphones, smart TVs, AR/VR platforms, sensors across consumer and industrial tech, adds complexity to the Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment ecosystem.

Orion works across the entire value chain of Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment to transform front-end and backend-technologies, deliver faster time to market and offer an enhanced customer experience. Our services for each of these subsectors include:

Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

Investments towards enhancing telecommunications networks will surpass $1.1 trillion over the next five years, focused mostly on 5G (source: GSMA). However, with average revenue per user at an all-time low, future growth for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) hinges on building capabilities to deliver differentiated services across collaboration, content, and hyper-automation. As technology deployments across smart manufacturing, smart cities, IoT, telemedicine, retail, transportation, and education continue to grow, CSPs can partner with enterprise clients in building solutions and taking them to market.

Orion has more than 2 decades of experience in building and managing solutions around OSS (Operations Support System) and BSS (Business Support System) modernization, customer acquisition and onboarding, operating large corporate networks, white-labelled security and management of SMB networks.


The Media industry has changed dramatically over the years, from delivering live video channels, to adding video on demand, to today’s world of watching what you want, when you want, on the device you want, whether it be a TV, tablet or mobile device.

For the last 17 years, Orion has been providing engineering solutions to transform video services from legacy delivery models to next gen platforms, and offer end users a faster and convenient multi-device user experience. As video technology continues to mature and evolve, Orion’s platform is the bridge connecting the video service providers’ systems to the future.

Sports & Entertainment

As Sports and Entertainment organizations scale their businesses in our new normal, they face increased risks managing bigger events and sprawling operations. Delivering quality live events and unique entertainment experiences remain top priorities for these well-known companies.

Robust operational systems are vital to mitigating evolving risks and protecting the reputation of any organization responsible for producing large scale events and entertainment experiences. Over the last 2 decades Orion has transformed the operations of major sports and entertainment businesses, with business solutions rooted in digital strategy, experience design, and engineering.

What our Clients are Saying


”We have been super impressed by Zodiac / Orion’s capabilities … they have really wow’ed us … and that is not too easy this days. 

We continue to focus on delivering the best possible customer experience and our new Android TV application is another example on how we are driving innovation on behalf of our customers. The Zodiac team rapidly delivered a high-quality application that seamlessly integrates with our infrastructure and exceeds our KPIs and functional requirements. We have gotten very positive customer feedback already on this new application and are highly pleased with Zodiac’s ability to get it launched on time and on budget.” -Sacha Gera, President of AVCT’s Kandy Solutions


”It’s technology [Orion’s Sports Operations Platform] that will shape the League’s future.” -Rob Manfred, MLB Commissioner

Media & Entertainment 

”We are thrilled to partner with Orion and excited to leverage their extensive experience in strategic product development. We believe their strong global telecommunications domain expertise will provide additional scale for our development operations and help us to continue delivering the cutting edge innovations our customers have come to expect from Ribbon.” -Tony Scarfo, EVP and GM of Ribbon’s Cloud and Edge Business Unit

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