Orion works with a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to offer Communication Service Providers (CSPs) & other enterprise clients end-to-end solutions to optimize time-to-market and cost

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is vital to maintaining pace with unprecedented and unrelenting user demands. We can collaborate with key product vendors to deploy and integrate systems in creating the virtualization layer. Our experience includes:

  • NFV: VNF implementation, service function chaining, management and orchestration
  • Application/platform migration
  • High availability services/systems development (five nines) including geo-distribution and geo-redundancy with load balancing
  • Dockerized applications development and orchestration using Kubernetes

Orion can help provide solutions which enabling onboarding, verification, interoperability, configuration, management, and orchestration of vNFs across vendors.

Network Cloud/MEC

Hyper-connectivity in network data and infrastructure is now especially prevalent. Cloudification and automation across the Exchange-to-Exchange (E2E) telecoms stack have never been more important.

Orion’s expertise in adoption of cloud in the core network and at the edge is unparalleled. Services include:

  • Migrating network applications and data to the cloud
  • Provisioning and managing network cloud configuration to modernize infrastructure
  • Optimizing network loads to save costs with application/platform migration to the Cloud
  • On-premise/Public/Hybrid Cloud solutions
  • Edge Cloud
  • Cloud DevOps
  • AI/Big data

Private LTE Applications

We have deep domain knowledge of Private LTE applications, partnerships, and IoT product development expertise to help deliver vertical industry applications that exploit Private LTE capabilities for connected enterprise and Industry 4.0.

Unified Communications

  • Implementation and support of UCaaS including Carrier Grade reliability.
  • Contact center solutions and migration to cloud.
  • Implementation of PBX and Cloud PBX solutions supporting Enterprise, Government, and E911 Services.
  • Working knowledge of OpenSource including FreeSwitch, Kamailio, Kazoo, NGINX, and others.
  • End-to-end knowledge of Enterprise Audio/Video Conferencing solutions.
  • Full implementation of Client Devices including Desk phones, Conference Phones, Soft Clients, and Web Clients, and WebRTC.

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