Chetan has over 28 years of professional experience with large software systems. During his professional career, he has held several lead technical positions with Fortune 100 companies including Singer Link Simulations, Raytheon, Bendix, CSC, and AT&T Bell Labs. In these roles, Chetan was responsible for the successful design and implementation of key information technology systems. He has played a crucial role in the implementation and deployment of a variety of OSS systems such as planning, forecasting, order management/provisioning, maintenance and customer care. He has managed multi-million dollar mission critical software projects. Previously the Managing Director of Unixpros, LLC, he currently runs Orion’s operations, oversees business development, project development and marketing activities.

Chetan holds an MS degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and a MS in Engineering from Cornell University as well as a Baccalaureate of Technology in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in India.

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