Our own Jeff Piazza, Senior Vice President, Experience Design, was included in the “2022 People to Watch” list by Graphic Design USA. The list includes handpicked business and community leaders who embody the spirit of creative and strategic talent, and are influencers in the design space.

Jeff shared his thoughts on the evolving role of graphic design in business:

“Graphic Design as both a practice and skill are more instrumental than ever in helping all of us comprehend our complex, oversaturated world of information in a manageable way. It has become an active part of the language of business and culture. The mediums for where it is applied are constantly expanding, but the fundamental principles are the same. A clear concept and strong visual delivery — whether applied to an app or book design — all contribute to capturing our attention and telling a compelling story. That is here to stay.

– Jeff Piazza, SVP Experience Design

Read the article for insights about today’s graphic design challenges and tomorrow’s promise from business leaders on this year’s list here.

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