The emerging fields of intelligent operations and AIOps have something to offer solutions providers, whether they deliver those technologies as a service or deploy them at the customer’s location. 
The first task, however, is defining these technologies and the problems they aim to solve for customers. As it happens, there’s some difference of opinion on the intelligent operations vs. AIOps question among the professional services and systems integration firms pursuing those areas. 

That said, there is considerable agreement among partners regarding the key underlying technologies of intelligent operations and AIOps and the need for an overarching strategy to realize their full potential.

Partners define intelligent operations vs. AIOps
Partners maintain differing views on the nature of intelligent operations and AIOps, which is shorthand for AI for IT operations. 

“Like anything else in technology, things get a label assigned to them,” said Eric Kaplan, CTO at Ahead LLC, an enterprise cloud solutions provider based in Chicago. “And you ask five different people, and often you can get five different interpretations of what something means.”

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