The biggest IT spending drivers from TechTarget’s 2020 IT Priorities Survey remain relevant amid the COVID-19 pandemic, although cuts in planned spending are likely.
By Craig Stedman, Editor at Large
May 26, 2020

TechTarget’s 2020 IT Priorities Survey was conducted in late 2019 and early this year, before the COVID-19 outbreak became a pandemic. The sudden economic downturn caused by the virus has forced many organizations to cut their IT budgets and revise specific projects from what they originally planned. But the top spending drivers cited by survey respondents are still front and center for IT teams amid the pandemic.

As CIOs revise their budgets to fund existing IT priorities and new pandemic-related ones while reining in spending, other things that are being deferred include upgrades of on-premises networks, servers and storage devices and purchases of new laptops and landline phones, according to consultants.

“Anything that’s discretionary clearly is going on the back burner right now,” said Raj Patil, CEO and president of Orion Innovation, a technology services firm based in Edison, N.J.

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