TechTarget: Intelligent operations guidance from Accenture, Ahead, Orion

The nascent intelligent operations field promises to shake up how companies do business. But customers need not start from scratch to get the benefits, IT consultants noted

Intelligent operations is an emerging field that combines monitoring, automation, cloud computing, analytics and AI to transform how organizations get their work done.

For an IT department, intelligent operations could mean improving the process of monitoring systems, identifying root causes and remediating issues. For a customer service department, an intelligent operations approach could mean boosting the efficiency of call center operations.

The aim is to provide dramatic improvements, but sweeping changes can lead to disruption. IT service providers carving a niche in intelligent operations are working to lessen the dislocation. Industry executives suggested organizations typically have an opportunity to use some of the tools they already have in place — so starting from scratch isn’t the only option.

Looking to launch an intelligent operations consulting practice? Here are three important steps to consider when engaging with customers.

Assess the existing environment

For service providers, an assessment of the as-is environment is among the first tasks of an intelligent operations engagement. A look at the present helps create a foundation for the “future-ready” client operations, said Omkar Phadnis, managing director of AI and innovation at Accenture Operations.

Accenture will “assess the maturity of existing operations” in a project’s initial phase, which also includes articulating the problem statement and re-engineering broken business processes, he noted.

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