During Women’s History Month, Orion celebrated our women employees and their contributions as leaders and innovators. We spoke to women leaders from around the world about their success, the importance of mentorship, who inspires them, and words of advice to other women in tech.

Harjeet Bhatia

Client Services, USA

Location: Edison, NJ, USA

“Stay focused, stay determined, and always be ready to learn and adapt to change.”

Hear more from Harjeet here.

Amy Crosland

Sports, APAC

Location: Melbourne, Australia

“The one piece of advice I’d give to women in technology roles is that your input is not only valuable but necessary. You have something worth bringing to the table.”

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Anupama Ajith

Project Management

Location: Mumbai, India

“The technology industry is the only platform where the process of learning is perpetual in that every day presents a bunch of new challenges to resolve.”

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Elena Shipkova

Video Engineering Operations (Zodiac), Russia

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

“Since I was about six years old, I admired Sofia Kovalevskaya. Sofia paved the path for women in mathematics and engineering all around the world. She was the first woman to earn a doctorate in math. Her life path inspires me to be persistent and to put my heart and soul into what I really want regardless of all obstacles and criticisms.”

Hear more from Elena here.

Snezana Radovic

Digital Product Development Operations, Serbia

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

“As leaders in the workplace, women should be proactive, demonstrate accountability by stepping up and taking action, and support each other by sharing their own experiences.”

Hear more from Snezana here.

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