Orion’s COVID-19 Return to Work Platform is designed to help clients manage the essential steps for having employees return to the workplace, while supporting each employee’s health and safety. The platform helps organizations meet their goals with speed and agility and enables business continuity, drives productivity, and positions organization for further growth.

Our offering comes in 2 tracks:

  • Built for existing ServiceNow customers – ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite, a four-app suite and dashboard powered by the Now Platform and available for immediate use from servicenow.com/safeworkplace.
  • Built for non-ServiceNow customers – Orion’s custom developed offering available for immediate use as ‘Software-as-a-Service’ model.


  1. Employee Health Screening – Integration with temperature scanning applications, etc.
  2. Contact Tracing
  3. Workplace Safety Management – Sheduling visits to HR and company health check ups, regular updates on safety procedures (in association with respective county and state laws)
  4. Workplace PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Inventory Management
  5. Employee Readiness Surveys
  6. Having service portals for users to log in and voice concerns/queries
  7. Safe Workplace Dashboard


  1. Helps businesses return to work with confidence so they can stay safe, mitigate spread, avoid fines, and make data-driven decisions that keep business operations running smoothly 
  2. Faster time to implementation (4-6 weeks) 
  3. SaaS-based platform for non-ServiceNow customers
  4. Secure data with preparedness for any health audits

Why Orion?

  • We recently implemented the platform for one of New Jersey’s Managed Care centers, as well as traditional indemnity plans for individuals and employers’ firm with ~6,000 users, all executed in a 4 week period.
  • We have accelerators built for quick implementation that will reduce implementation time by 40-50%.

Learn how we are helping our clients navigate this challenging environment and resume business, with our COVID-19 Return to Work Business Platform. 

Contact us for a free consultation about your needs, and find out how we can quickly implement the right solution for your business.