According to Gartner, the average financial impact of poor data qualities on organizations is $8.2 million per year. 

Regulatory and technology-powered developments now drive digital transformations across all industries. One of the biggest challenges that industries face today during this process is data quality.

Orion’s data integrity and validation platform, Business Data Validation, enables productive, efficient storage and collection methods by catching and fixing data quality errors in a proactive manner. This way, errors are minimized to reduce re-runs and prevent added costs in B2B transactions. Built with advanced Artificial Intelligence, Business Data Validation: 

  • Authenticates the credibility of all data across your organization’s systems
  • Ensures your data complies with required transaction standards 
  • Assists in seamlessly transacting with peers within and outside your industry 

Business Data Validation ensures quality data from a wide variety of sources and platforms for your business. Due to its integration and machine learning capabilities, Business Data Validation is unique in that it delivers accurate, all-encompassing data for your big data and advanced analytics projects. It’s easily deployed and can be delivered either via cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid manner. 

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