The Next Gen AI Engine: Declutter the Way You Do Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are some of the most transformative technologies of our time.

Pluaris is an AI-based solution accelerator for Natural Language Processing (NLP), that combines search with novel machine learning and natural language processing techniques to deliver decisional boundaries (for each user) and traceable intelligence derived from a rich spectrum of data types and sources, both inside and outside the enterprise.

The platform processes unstructured input data in the form of texts, documents, web pages by leveraging deep learning models for extraction of contextual and semantic insights required for business decision making. Pluaris has the capability to deliver intelligence on demand from a complex set of disparate sources and applies to a wide variety of roles and processes.


  1. Natural Language Processing: This module understands, processes and analyses textual data and documents in different languages, therefore giving machines the ability to derive contextual meaning from various languages for addressing a wide variety of business use cases.

2. Data Comprehension: Are you using all available data to make the best business decisions? Most companies don’t. International Data Corporation states that only 10% of all data created is in a structured (numeric), analyzable format. This means that 90% of data is unstructured and must either be manually analyzed by expensive human capital, or left out of the decision-making process entirely. This changes once you subscribe to Pluaris.

3. Content Summarization: The human brain has a limited capacity to store and retrieve information. With Pluaris, we extract intelligence from large amounts of data and summarize it into easily consumable content. Whether you create an alert, customize an intelligence briefing, or search for information on-the-fly, Pluaris turns text to context, leaving you with more time for deeper analysis and faster decision-making.

4. Semantic Search (“Ask Me” function): The next generation on-demand, intelligence discovery and exploration augmented by helicon (complex search technique that combines keyword and semantic search) and machine learning (ML) technologies providing two answers. The first one is mined from external and publicly available sources while the second one is a precise answer from internal data sources. Both structured and unstructured content is mined to ensure that intelligence inclusion is complete and traceable.

5. Institutional Memory (Storage): Business professionals are required to ingress a lot of content from various data sources. Every job has its own requirements. First, machines help with content retention. Secondly, Pluaris is unique in allowing each user to decide the data that is needed for ones’ daily work needs.

The user then controls the flow of intelligence to the team, function or the entire business. Supervised learning including active learning as part of Machine Learning techniques results in valuable insight extraction, auto-filling routine applications, benchmarking, anomaly alerting, instant briefings, answering customer concerns, training new hires and myriads of other uses.

6. Flexible BI: Data needs flexibility in its presentation. Different users require different techniques. Pluaris saves you over 2 hours a day in updating and retrieving the most relevant information. Constant focus and active learning on usage by individuals with data cleansing ensures that your data engine is humming. In-built tools and techniques that allow edits with human interface creates a uniquely designed UI with drill down capabilities from unstructured or structured data. Most BI tools chart out trends using structured data.

7. Rapid ML Training Algorithms: The off-the-shelf feature of the platform to get going from Day-1. Business Leaders are adept in linguistic skills trained to get their messages across to their audience in generic communication techniques. Pluaris offers a unique blend of automated and human assisted techniques for rapid machine learning modules even when data paucity exists.

Put the Power of AI in Your Hands

With Pluaris, data available in documents and other textual formats can be successfully processed and fed into computing and analytical systems to arrive at actionable data points and draw insightful conclusions.

Pluaris brings in the power of AI to make cheaper, faster, and better predictions that supplant our efforts to evaluate alternatives and make judgments. By scaling choice evaluation and automating smaller decisions, we will make better choices on the things that matter. For businesses, this labour saver will profoundly affect the essential components of profit: costs and revenue.

Pluaris is great for any industry or role who need to:

  • Comprehend massive amounts of data in seconds
  • Gather data on-the-fly 
  • Be automatically informed of changes in their data
  • Fill the knowledge gap between teams
  • Improve relevancy, quality, and the capacity of their data
  • Harmonize their data across multiple systems

“Nowigence has powerful tools for our sales teams. Over the last 5 years, we have come to rely on the product to get AI-based interpretive intelligence in real-time on topics of interest to us and our clients. Training machines with human-like cognitive capabilities to assist business professionals in decision-making is difficult and complex. I am impressed with the progress that Nowigence has made. I expect them to advance AI ML/NLP techniques to usher the knowledge era for the business world. I wish them luck.”
– CP Gurnani, CEO & Managing Director at Tech Mahindra

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