For 15 years, Orion has ensured that major sport leagues maintain their edge and solve operational challenges with technology solutions and frameworks. Our framework identifies what drives the core value of different sports leagues and defines how these drivers are critical for building and protecting value, providing a metric for developing and measuring technology initiatives and strategies.  

Protecting the integrity of the game 

No player or team is above the game itself. But how do organizations reinforce this mantra and protect their games, clubs and ultimately, their revenues?  

From the professional sports leagues to each sport’s “grass roots,” negative exposures affect sports business, and the financial and emotional costs of addressing major incidents can be everlasting. While the public’s threshold for shock has increased through the decades, immunity from negative press is rarely, if ever, guaranteed. Whether it’s an on-field incident, in which impartial and independent officiating is required, or an off-field conflict, in which a team’s, player’s or even fan’s behavior causes the media or the public to question the integrity of the game, this holds true. 

There are proactive steps that can be taken to minimize these risks and the frequency of such incidents. With Orion’s software, these steps are easy to implement and maintain, providing accuracy, reliability and real-time analysis of all pertinent data and enabling informed, disciplined risk management.  

Executing game operations & optimizing labor 

The foundational “product” of sports leagues are the games themselves, and the games require the strictest attention to logistical detail. 

While there have been great advancements in ticketing and scorekeeping, leagues don’t use technology to its full extent to facilitate all the activities that make up successful game presentation. Manual data capture, double handling data and running the game from desktop documents and spreadsheets is still common practice, but these processes are not optimal. Through systemizing data and operations, league managers can use  data analysis and streamline processes for greater efficiency, and in doing so, they can then focus on what matters: the game.  

Solutions include: 

  • Game Scheduling 
  • Ticketing 
  • Credentialing/Event Management 
  • Official Score Keeping 
  • Live Game Play Review 

Growing the league’s footprint 

Acquiring new prospects in both existing and new markets is an issue all businesses face – however in sports the results are in lights. 

Introducing the game in new areas – specifically international ones – such as tournaments, broadcasting opportunities, global sponsorships, licensing agreements, academies for player development and youth programs, are just a few ways  that sports leagues have already extended their reach. Technology allows more organized and sophisticated efforts for the sports business. 


  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Sponsorship Management 
  • Authentication and Licensing 
  • Event Management 
  • Special Event Management 
  • Social Media Analytics 
  • Youth Programs

Supporting business operations 

Sports leagues face a myriad of rules regarding legalities, internal standards, union contracts, payroll and other contractual obligations. Add GAAP, personnel management, advertising, legal fees, public policies on top of the myriad, and the need for effective data and process management becomes becomes drastically apparent. Accurate data management not only decreases costs, but it ensures financial viability, which in turns creates brand growth for leagues. 


  • Enterprise Resource Planning 
  • Rights and Royalties Management 
  • Corporate intranet 
  • Vendor Management 
  • Financial Budgeting and Planning 
  • Contract Management

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