Quality Engineering & Assurance

Boost the quality of your product or services to delight your end customers

Paradigm shift in Application Testing

Our quality assurance and testing processes drive the excellence you require for smooth software launches with regular enhancements and increased customer satisfaction with your digital products. With over 2 decades of experience in software development and testing, we offer expert consulting to determine the optimal testing processes and protocols for your software, conducting functional and performance testing, testing automation, and other specialized quality assurance services.

Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A) Services

Orion’s QE&A practice partners with you to provide rigorous testing and validation for your software development projects. With reusable frameworks, script engines and proprietary test automation tools, we assist clients accelerate application testing across multiple platforms and technologies.

Mobile Testing

End-to-end mobile testing solution including manual, automated & performance testing for rapid automation and faster feedback

Security and Penetration Testing

Orion’s security testing services enable you to identify vulnerabilities, protect critical data and maintain functionality of your applications

Crowd Sourced Testing

Comprehensive 360° view combined with functional, usability, load, localization and security testing enables clients to test real-world performance and customer satisfaction

Performance Testing

We conduct performance testing before your application goes into production to detect any performance issues early, which drastically reduces application downtime, increases savings and lowers risk

API Testing

Orion API testing helps to determine if it meets the expectations of functionality, performance, security using our standards and best practices to ensure quality API’s

Test Management Tool Administration

Orion team supports Test Management tool Administration like ALM, Jira setup

User Experience Testing

Moderated or automated user experience testing solutions that leverage heuristic evaluations for quick, inexpensive and systematic evaluation of potential issues

Mobile Device Cloud

Helps address challenge of testing of confidential data on a wide variety of devices – perfect for security-intensive industries such as banking, insurance, and telecommunications

Infrastructure Testing

End-to-end verification and validation including Infrastructure build & configuration testing, platform migration testing, performance & security testing leveraging framework for Infra Testing, Reusable Test Artifacts and Monitoring tools

Packaged Application Testing

Conducting end-to-end testing of Oracle and SAP implementations including testing for Implementation, Upgrade & Rollouts to mitigate risks and ensure successful go-live

Big Data Testing

End-to-end testing verification of successful processing of terabytes of data using commodity cluster and other supportive components. Steps covering – Data Staging Validation, MapReduce Validation and Output Validation

IOT Testing

Ensures that the devices and apps stand up to real world situations. Conduct exhaustive testing to ensure fail proof smart product transformation

Orion Test Automation Tool

Automation Live – Custom platform built to manage, record and playback test automation scripts.

Test Manager

  • Manage all details of an automation Test Plan Details (Track, Feature, Test Objective, Test Case)
  • Can Configure Machines to run the tests
  • Automation Tests remote execution
  • Allows to create different flavors of data for Data Driven Testing

Test Recorder

  • Custom developed tool
  • Can be launched by right clicking each test case from Test Manager for automating the test case
  • Each test step within the test case can be converted to automated scripts
  • Recorder identifies the controls and actions performed against each test step

Tester Framework

  • Framework developed to play back the test cases automated using the recorder
  • Results of each test case execution is pushed to the Test Portal

Test Portal

  • Web site to show the automation execution results
  • Can view real time results simultaneously with the Test Case execution
  • Various filter options are available to search the results

Orion Test Methodology

Our Philosophy – Quality starts at the beginning and remains constant across entire SDLC

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