Deliver personalized omnichannel experience

Transforming business operations for retailers with 360° view of their customers and enabling them to deliver a unified shopping experience.

Today’s retail world is global, 24/7 and online. Your brick and mortar location is just the beginning.

With brand loyalties dwindling and increased competition online, retailers are looking beyond in-store shopping experiences to keep growing. Omni-channel retailing is the new standard to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Orion helps retailers transform their business operations to get a 360° view of their customers, their shopping trends and to develop a unified shopping experience.

We work with retailers like you to improve operations, gain deep insights in to your customers’ buying behavior and build stronger partnerships along your supply chain. Our offerings include:

  • Digital Strategy and Marketing – We help you design, develop and execute a digital strategy that delivers value across your customer segments and greatly enhance customers’ shopping experience.

  • Data and Analytics – We analyze your data to identify trends and increase your understanding of your customers’ needs. Our customer insight solutions leverage all channels to build a complete view of your customers and uncover their buying behaviors. You’ll gain insights that will allow you to improve your messaging to target customers and increase brand loyalty.

  • Mobility – Customers today shop on their mobile devices, making purchases when they are ready. We help you develop stronger relationships with your customers through mobile commerce.

  • Cloud – Using the cloud has been of tremendous competitive advantage to retailers across the globe, making their stores accessible and products easier to update and merchandise. We help you move to the cloud seamlessly and help optimize your business operations to achieve more ROI.

  • Supply Chain Management: Our business process optimization services ensure you get the best value across your supply chain to enhance productivity and efficiency.

  • Cross-Channel Integration: Orion helps build a seamless experience for your customers by way of integrating key customer touch points to drive operational efficiencies and brand loyalties.