Since the invention of computers, people have sought to make them less bulky, more transportable and increasingly powerful until one day machines would soon operate as intelligently and functionally as human beings. Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that was once described as the future of computing, is steadily entering our everyday lives: digital personal assistance, music recommendation services, purchase prediction algorithms, self-driving cars and more.

Our AI Experience

Natural Language Processing (NLP): We apply NLP techniques to efficiently carry out human-to-computer interactions, such as bugs triaging, data parsing, speech recognition, etc.

Keras / TensorFlow

Deep Learning: We create solutions capable of predicting harmful actions on video streams using a hybrid of CNN and RNN neural networks architecture.

Keras / TensorFlow / PyTorch / OpenCV

Computer Vision: We utilize powerful deep learning tools when training models to develop solutions enhanced with image recognition technology.

Keras / TensorFlow / Yolo v3 / OpenCV

See how we have showcased our Computer Vision & Machine Learning capabilities for Automatic License Plate Recognition.

Advanced Drive Assistance: We enhance HMI solutions with intelligent algorithms that alert drivers in case of lane change and eye closure events to make their journey as safe as possible.

Dlib / OpenCV

AI is impossible to set apart from Machine Learning (ML), a tool that gives computers the ability to “learn” based on the given data without explicit programming. However, there is more to creating a self-taught solution than the Machine Learning stage. We apply Deep Learning techniques, combined with empirical and analytical approaches, to create cutting edge data-driven solutions that will transform your business.

How We Use Machine Learning

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