Our cloud operations support an end-to-end flexible services model, facilitates improved, predictable and repeatable outcomes. Our services are aligned with ITIL service delivery towards SLA-defined scope for service operation, service transition, platform lifecycle management, application lifecycle management, and operation design.

Cloud applications/platforms maintenance, capacity management and business service continuity support
Cloud Platform Management Services

Taking a structured approach, from eye-on-the-glass monitoring to system hygiene to problem management and architecture changes.

Cloud Operations

Using governance, automated scanning and blueprints for security and operational compliancy, ecosystem integration and automated workflows, our operational framework includes resource consistency.

Security Operations

Establishing a security perimeter and posture, proactively identifying misconfigurations and compliance risks, implementing Least Privileged Access policy and Zero Trust, continuously monitoring and remediating gaps and setting security standards.

Financial Operations

Enabling capacity optimization through right-sizing, governance including anomaly detection, cost allocation and budget monitoring; intelligent cloud services procurement unlocks savings and discounts through multi-year spending commitments, capacity reservations and enterprise discounts and establishes a culture of cost accountability.

Cloud Operations

Plan and transition objectives set with governance and steady-state operation and delivery.


Implement daily system operation, administration and management, application and infrastructure monitoring.

Problem Management

Provide support for request fulfillment and incident and problem management.

Change Management

Offer change management, release and deployment management and asset and configuration management.

Proactive Monitoring

Monitor through test automation, PENN and VA testing services, platform monitoring services.

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